INTRODUCING Viviana Ochoa Mendoza MUSIC VIDEO – SMILE When asked to participate in the music video for a good cause raising the awareness of living optimistically and free of discrimination, Viviana agreed without hesitation. My first impression of Viviana is a tall and beautiful girl with lots of long curly hair. She is also a talented singer from a band called Livng Cuba. In this music video, he played a workman who, no matter how rich or how poor, still moved on with a smile. And that is one of the messages from the song which I wrote dedicating to the LBGT, disabled, elderly, infectious diseased, etc... individuals who often feel isolated in society because of stigma and discrimination. Many could not cope and chose to commit suicide. Let’s help them smile and together build a happier world. I hope you will like and support me - Y Thanh (an international singer/songwriter) and also subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for watching: MV Smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gVi8FZbZaw&list=PLifkpM_4Ik6dSb0tIkEXyhLi6wA3R_1pS&index=2 MV Hãy Cười (the Vietnamese version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2CBjs06kco&list=PLifkpM_4Ik6dSb0tIkEXyhLi6wA3R_1pS&index=1 Y Thanh's Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7hO2KeEURLxQSFah4zIqwo --- COMPOSER/Sáng tác: Y Thanh SINGER/ca sĩ: Y Thanh ARRANGEMENT/Hoà âm phối khí: Daniel Maestro MIX/MASTER: Hoàng Huy Long DIRECTOR/Đạo diễn: Bạch Giang PRODUCER/Sản xuất: Blue Mint Co., Ltd. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/Thực hiện sản xuất: Trang Phan Ngọc SCREENPLAY/Kịch bản: GBN DOP: Sơn nguyễn EQUIPMENT/Thiết bị: HD equipment EDITOR/hậu kỳ: QDM, TMT Productions ACTORS/Diễn viên: Y Thanh, Má Hiền, Kim Đào, Trần Quảng Hưng, Anh Tần, Sandy, bé Gia Huy, bé Nhi, Kim Loan, Huỳnh Tý, Nguyễn Tú, Thành Trần, Joel Rodriguez Esquijarrosa, Maikel Martinez Vega, Maria Elena Aguero Finales, Jessica Perdomo Aguilera, Viviana Mary Ochoa Mendoza ❤️❤️❤️


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