H O M E 🌿 We had the funkiest light pouring into the bus and I had to get a shot. Every day I'm grateful that this lockdown didn't happen when the bus was still a crazy disaster because that would be the definition of literal hell on wheels 🤣 A shower is definitely the next project on the cards though, as is a toilet door 😬😆 I also just ordered a runner for the floor which I'm wicked excited about. Now to patiently wait for the lockdown to lift so it can arrive 🕒👀 Anyone else gonna have a hefty pile of parcels arriving in a few weeks? #cantjustbeme 🙈🤣


This is not where we intended to spend our March/April. We wanted to visit with family in Florida. We wanted to spend our son’s second birthday at Disney. Sometimes plans change. Luckily our children are flexible. We are just beyond grateful to have a place to go in this time of uncertainty. Sunshine, fresh air, and each other. We will get through this 💕 We hope all of our #fulltime friends are in a safe place as well. #quarantinelife #stayathome #shelterinplace @nomad_dad . . . . . #ridingourstory #adventuresformiles #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravel #rvwithkids #rvingwithbabies #travelwithkids #roadschooling #roadschoolingrocks #rvlife #exploreyourworld #adventureawaits #nomadicfamily #takeahike #healthyliving #organic #toxinfreehome #greenyourrv #oilyfamily #beyourbestyou #homeiswhereyouparkit #workathomefamily #workfromanywhere #theworldisyourclassroom


Have you ever been to Petrified Forest National Park? . Here we learned how logs that were once covered by water had silica seep into them which eventually hardened to make them petrified. . #arizona🌵 #petrifiedforest #petrifiedforestnationalpark #nationalparkphotography #roadtrippin #roadtripusa #familytraveling #rvlife #rvlifewithkids #nomad #nomads #nomadicfamily #fulltimefamilies #travelblogging #waybeyondthenorm


Today I feel grateful. Today I choose joy. Today I count my blessings. . As I sit here in total isolation in the middle of the desert and completely off grid, I am COMPLETELY grateful for so much. I’m “stuck” here with my favorite people in the world. My life has really not changed much at all. . These past 4.5 years have been so full of life, new experiences and adventure that I am welcoming a much-needed rest. But when it’s time to get back out, we’ll be there. There’s still so much more we want to experience! . Our day at Valley of Fire State park was pretty freaking awesome. As we ventured out for our hike, we were notified by fellow hikers that the slot canyon we were heading for was “impassable” due to water. Because it had rained in the desert?! We kept on hiking. No one had yet ventured into the slot canyon that morning. Maybe they were afraid of getting wet? It is the desert, after all…. . We have a saying, “Buoys do hard things.” The hike was not really hard at all. Mike and I took off our shoes and waded into the water. The boys decided to traverse the walls of the canyon, avoiding the water all together. As we went, others followed us. We led the way 😊 We actually welcomed the challenge. . With each new challenge, we come out on the other side stronger and better with new experiences, sometimes new skills and often a new perspective. Perspective is everything!! People were afraid to go into the canyon because they could not tell how deep the water was and they couldn’t see around the corner to the other side. . Right now, we’re all in the canyon - the water is deep and getting deeper as we walk and we can’t see around the corner. But we have all survived our hardest days. We will come out on the other side stronger, with new skills and a new perspective and deeper gratitude for the little things. Life will be different and, if we CHOOSE, it can be better! Regardless, it will always be an adventure 😜. . . #ourbasicessentials #adventurefamily #valleyoffire #countyourblessings #quarantineblessings #choosejoy #dohardthings #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravel #nomadicfamily #lessstuffmorelife #boymomadventures


Thinking about much happier times. Seems so long ago. What an amazing time we had @skooliepalooza. This beautiful photo of our family was taken by @theyellowcucumber @joephilipson It was so awesome to meet such amazing people and reconnect with friends we made previously while on the road. Missing you all. Be well, be safe.


We got out into the wild today! . . . We had a showing early this morning so we decided to go visit the Camping grounds near by. They are closed of course but they always are around this time. Utah northern camp grounds dont generally open till Memorial Day. So we figured it was safe to go. It might have been a bit chilly and it snowed a little bit while we we were there but the kids had a blast! We will definitely be going back soon!!


A n o t h e r day of doing what we can to keep these two precious babes safe and sound. We’re about to have like 5 days in a row of travel mode which won’t be easy, but it’s time to get near the hospital where we plan to deliver. How do you guys make travel days more interesting? What kind of precautions are you taking when getting from one place to another under these circumstances? Someone suggested using doggie bags to pump gas and I thought that was a great idea!! . . . . #lovelymoments #dayslikethese #livebeautifully #habitandhome #theartofslowliving #babycarrier #makemoments #documentyourdays #simplethingsmadebeautiful #verilymoment #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #projectvanlife #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #vanlifeexplorers #nomadicfamily #vanlifeideas #buslife #skoolie #skoolieconversion #choosejoy #momswhotravel #nomadlife #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamily #fulltimerv


The year #2020 in one shot. // Stark Hudson in #Paris. We cannot wait to travel, explore and fly free like birds enjoying to the fullest this great life outside our home base ...but for now, happy and safe together inside our nest. We’ve rearranged our home, organised 10x, and now taking online courses 🧠 #nomadicfamily


'Ow you doin'? I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours? ... Not the pick up line I used...it was more like, "Hey chica, wanna have a scandalous office romance?" #truestory💯


Nature's treasures. Learning more about the funghi on this beautiful island. These gilled beauties are from gymnopilus guild. Any other funghi lovers? I want to learn more. And can anyone recommend a one good book /guide or app for identifying mushrooms in East Australia? . . . . . #lovelife #natureiscalling #naturelover #nomadlife #nomadicfamily #travelaustralia #funghi #mushroom #mushroomlover #naturephotography #natureconnection


I’ve been reading “social distancing” everywhere, but I think what we really need to remember is that it’s REALLY important to not social distance ourselves. . . We are humans. We need connection. We need hugs. We need to be loved, cared for and needed. . . Now more than ever. . . All I can say is: thank F for FaceTime, Zoom and Instastories 😂 . . Let’s take this opportunity to shift our language and CONNECT, friends... let’s check in on each other. Let’s have virtual birthday parties. Let’s support small businesses by shopping from their shops ONLINE and deliver to your step. . . Let’s continue on with our awesome lives, in a more hermit type way... BUT connect in virtually! . . Here’s some of the virtual things we’ve been up to/ are planning: [ even with literal garbage internet ] . . 🌝 Virtual Woman’s Circle— full moon is on the 7th! Ladies, you’re invited! . . 🎂 Sequoia turns 3 on the 8th! If you’re one of her [ or mine ] besties— you’re invited to her virtual party! . . 🦖Makawi wants to start a virtual kids meet up a few times a day a week where they make art projects and share their favourite toys + books with each other! You’re invited 💛 . . 🙏 Virtual Yoga [coming once my internet is fixed] . . 🍋Virtual Essential Oil + Wellness Classes every Monday— you’re invited! . . Let’s gather friends— physical distancing, not social distancing 💛💛💛 Message me if you’d like to connect!


Just outside of Winslow, AZ is a 9/11 rememberance garden. There’s a nice spot to pull off the road with an RV and take a few minutes to view the steel beams brought here from the World Trade Center towers. Have you been to a location across the country with a 9/11 memorial? . #winslow #arizona🌵 #winslowarizona #911remembrance #911memorial #travel #roadtrippin #roadtripusa #route66 #route66roadtrip #historicroute66 #familytraveltips #rvlife #fulltimefamilies #nomads #nomadicfamily #travelblogging #travelblogs #waybeyondthenorm


Much of life is traveling with only the chaos of your mind.... . . . #newday #sunrisesevenintherain #hippie #nomad #nomadicfamily #wanderingsoul #alone


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